y la bamba: court the storm

Y La Bamba - Squawk

Good news! Y La Bamba is giving away their latest release Court The Storm for free. Bad news! It’s only available until 11:59pm PST, so you’re shit out of luck if you came across this post after today, March 1st. Thankfully, you should still be able to download the album’s lead single “Squawk” above, and stream one of the band’s favorite tracks “Ponce Pilato” below.

Did either of those strike your fancy? Fantastic! To claim your free copy of Court The Storm, follow @YLaBamba on Twitter and send out the following tweet: “Follow @YLaBamba and retweet this to get the new album #courtthestorm feat @NekoCase for free. exp 11:59pm PST Listen: http://snd.sc/AhS8ik

Oops! I probably should have mentioned earlier that indie goddess Neko Case is a featured guest on the album’s title track. You can listen to it below. Of course, before you do so, please take note of the following tweet from Neko Case: “Just so you know @ylabamba are THE BALLS.”

THE BALLS! That is all. Thank you for your time, dearest readers.

Photo credit: Ingrid Renan

cancer killing gemini: big queer rock show


There’s a great post on Cancer Killing Gemini‘s blog called “5 Reasons Why Straight People Should Come To The Big Queer Rock Show”. The fifth reason is quite simple, but particularly important when deciding whether to attend a rock show—“The Music Will Be Amazing”. Here’s what the band had to say on that matter:

“From Grygiel’s stripped down acoustic set, to Oilhead’s dance-rock assault, to the rock/electronic clusterf*ck of Cancer Killing Gemini,  to the high-octane rock of Full Body Anchor, it’s a one-time music collection that can’t be missed.”

Beyond helping an amazing non-profit organizaton (and the awesome raffle prizes), this is, perhaps, the most exciting thing about the BIG QUEER ROCK SHOW. The artists involved are all producing such diverse sounds, and some of them are even doing it within their own set list. “Rock/electronic clusterfuck” is an apt description for Cancer Killing Gemini. The band has been releasing a new song through their website since January 2011, and you never really know what to expect. The last two, which currently includes “In Nine Months I’m Fucked”, are always available as a free download.

Rumor has it that March’s track “Homosexual” will be making its official debut at Friday’s show. I will confirm or deny those rumors shortly after Cancer Killing Gemini (and the rest of the bands) have finished rocking my face off.

PS: You can get advance tickets to the show here. If you are unable to make the show for whatever reason, you can still make a donation to BAGLY at the very same link (or make plans to attend the Out For Youth Event at the New England Aquarium on March 23rd).

Click through (or look below) for one of my personal faves from Cancer Killing Gemini:
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we have band: ternion

We Have Band - Watertight
We Have Band - Where Are Your People? (Kinema Remix)

Though it appears to have been available digitally for the past month, We Have Band‘s sophomore effort Ternion was finally released today. I will admit that I had initially written off the trio as a blog-driven buzz band. If we’re being completely honest with one another, and we shall be, all I heard was a bunch of noise and excessive hullabaloo the first time I listened to Ternion.

Alas, the feeling didn’t last very long.

With each subsequent listen, I began to let my guard down and peel back the layers of the album. “What’s Mine, What’s Yours” (as heard in the video above) was my gateway drug, shortly followed by “Visionary” and “After All”. Even then, I wasn’t sold on the full package until the acceptance of these “softer” tracks led to an appreciation for the complexities of the project’s darker songs.

Eventually, light was seen in the dark on “River of Blood”. The noise from “Steel In The Groove” suddenly translated to “interesting percussion”. Weird Muppet-like breakdowns (see “Watertight”) added a charming element to an otherwise serious collection of songs. If anything, my only problem was left with the all-too-mellow closing track “Pressure On”. While it might be necessary to wind you down after the adventurous ride of Ternion, it doesn’t quite live up to the expert craftsmanship and fuller sound of the nine preceding offerings.

But, uh, nine out of ten ain’t bad, right? If you’re willing to exercise your patience and dedicate some time to Ternion, I’d highly recommend giving it a few spins. All ten songs (albeit, out of order) can be streamed on PureVolume, or you can take a chance and (gasp) order the album before you hear it.

I’ve told you what you need to know. Now, make the right decision.