the golden pony: savoire adore remix

Savoire Adore - Dreamers (The Golden Pony Remix)
The Golden Pony - Find Our Gold

I have never heard Savoire Adore‘s “Dreamers”, nor do I ever intend to. For whatever reason, The Golden Pony‘s remix is enough for me. I could blame this on my weakness for dance music. I could blame this on the glass of white wine I just guzzled to deal with the heat… Or maybe it’s just plain great? Unclear! But I think it’s the wine.

Photo via: shebicycles

motion control

Motion Control - Rolling Shallow
Motion Control - It Feels Right
Motion Control - Departure

Motion Control is a mysterious new project by some girl I don’t know and the artist formerly known as Old Gold. I’ve been listening to them obsessively ever since a friend shot their tracks in my direction, mostly because I’ve been trying to figure out an accurate yet non-pretentious way to describe them. The best thing I can come up with is that their sound’s heavily routed in the 1980s, with one foot in freestyle and the other firmly lodged in Italo-disco.

Most likely, I have failed in both the non-pretentious and accurate department with that description, so let’s just put it this way—this is some really good stuff. You’ll like it. I swear!

ghost lake: late spring morning…

Ghost Lake - Late Spring Morning Sunlight

Henric Wallmark of Heart-Sick Groans will be releasing his debut EP as Ghost Lake on THEM Records later this week. The six song set is a slight departure from the slick, pure-pop production of Heart-Sick Groans, as Wallmark ventures out into a mellower electro-acoustic style.

The EP, simply entitled Late Spring Morning Sunlight, lives up to its name in every respect. In fact, if you close your eyes tightly whilst listening, you can almost feel the warm rays soaking through your skin… Or maybe I’m making that up! All you really need to know is that these are some excellent, lullaby-like tracks, and they’re highly recommended by It’s The Money Shot. Highly recommended!

Photo credit: Henric Wallmark