itms mini-mixtape: y.m.u.d.i.w.

This mini-mixtape goes by the name of Your Mom Upside Down Is Wow. While I’d like to imagine the title is self-explanatory, the truth is that there isn’t much of an explanation. Let’s just say this was inspired by a misguided adventure to the back room of Salem’s West Coast Video store, and you should be glad I didn’t opt for the title Fucking Bozos.

Twin Shadow - When We're Dancing
The xx - Shelter (Tiga Remix)
Lo-Fi-Fnk - Layin' Lo
Bedroom Eyes - Dancing Under Influence
Of Montreal f/ Solange - Sex Karma
The Polyamorous Affair - Softer and Softer
Pacific! - Unspoken
TECLA - When I Was A Sinner

Several of these songs have appeared elsewhere on numerous occasions. A few of them may be entirely new to your ears. Whatever the case, you should listen to these jams at least once in your lifetime. And if you hate them? You have the freedom to never listen to them again. Unless you’re tied down by terrorists and forced to listen to them. In which case, I bet these songs will be awesome enough to save you from terrorists.

As always, you can download a full ZIP file of this playlist over here, equipped with full-size artwork and a special bonus track.

itms mini-mixtape: dream waves

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of this playlist wasn’t composed by searching for the word “sleep” in iTunes. If we’re being entirely honest, this playlist wasn’t even meant to exist. Half of these songs were originally intended for a whole other mixtape. But then I decided to change their destiny. They’re now taking part in a half-hour slumber party for your brain.

Summer Twins - Crying In My Sleep
Anoraak - Above Your Head
Kelis - 22nd Century (Acoustic)
Cosmetics - Sleepwalking
Martina Topley Bird - Da Da Da
Cotton Jones - Glorylight And Christie
SLEEP ∞ OVER - Outer Limits
William Brittelle - The Color of Rain

Some credit should be attributed to Neil Gaiman for inspiring this set. After indulging in his Sandman comic book series, I had a dream about getting chased in a haunted castle by anthropomorphic seafood demons. But that’s a story for a different day. For now, you should download a ZIP file of our latest mini-mixtape, which is equipped with a full-size version of the cover art. Then you can say, “YAY!”

triple extra combo meal.

I’ve been tired lately. Not from lack of sleep, just a distinct need for relaxation. That means my musical thoughts are unfocused and I enjoy music that complements indecision when I’m feeling that. So here’s a few bands that have been dominating my ears lately.

Experiments With Machines - Owls
Experiments With Machines - Battles In The Morning

Paul Gregory, of Lanterns on the Lake, has been making some of the finest throwback electronic music I’ve heard in recent years. Under his pseudonym, Experiments With Machines, he’s been quietly surpassing many of his contemporaries without a label, a capitalist profit scheme, or even anyone else in the band. “Owls” sounds both refreshingly new and bizarrely classic that I’m torn as to my motivations for liking it – a war between likes, really. It scratches two itches at once and you should go download the entire EP for free to get the same feeling.

Three Trapped Tigers - 10
Three Trapped Tigers - 13

I can go on and on about Three Trapped Tigers, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that they have a new EP out, they’re playing in Poland with Prefuse 73 and Autechre, and all is right with the world.

Casual Curious - Florida
Casual Curious - Duke Leto

And finally, a band from quite near me, Casual Curious. Strong melodies, scattered structure, and a fuzzed out motif make them the pop analogue to the above and they certainly don’t suffer for the comparison. They’ve got this rather impressive live video of “Florida” and I have a feeling I’ll be gassing up the car to see them perform in the near future.