reptar: its just cat and mouse.

Reptar - Houseboat Babies
Reptar - Cannabis Canyon

Since I seem to be going through a personal pop renaissance, lets revisit an ITMS favorite: Reptar! These Athens popfiends have had their star slowly rise over the course of this year. These latest two jams seem poised to throw them over the top, trebuchet style. These mp3s are pretty lo-fi because I want you to go buy them on iTunes. Yeah, click that. Go do it. I’ll wait.

rabbit!: i’ve got a feeling

Rabbit! - Magic
Rabbit! - Fall Into Love
Rabbit! - Connect The Dots
Rabbit! - Ladybug

I was having an interesting night last night and it led to this. And then I realized, hey, I should post something about Rabbit!. So I am. Rabbit! are two boys and two girls (mostly) from Florida. They make some pretty cute pop. In the mere days since I was introduced to them, they’ve quickly scaled my personal list of bands I need to see live before I die. I really miss music this fun – its something all the faux-fi set miss amidst their selective reprocessing of Orange Cake Mix and their ilk for 2010. I’ll be throwing on some comfy shoes for a repeat listen this evening.

josh ottum: do we even know?

Josh Ottum - Having You Around (Ryan Richter Remix)
Josh Ottum - Like Ourselves (Tonfang Remix)
Josh Ottum - Its Alright (Richard Swift Remix)
Josh Ottum has been coasting off of his debut album, originally released in 2006, for almost 5 years now. It was first released in Europe in 2006, then here in the States in 2009. More recently, a remix collection was released featuring the above fine remixed melodies. I especially like the Richard Swift mix and its power ballad leanings that both make no sense and all the sense in the world. I’m led to believe he’ll actually release some new songs in the future, which makes me curious to hear what a five year gap sounds like to an artist’s sound.

Josh Ottum - Like Ourselves