14 Songs For Summer (2015)


Now that President Obama has succumbed to popular demand and released two back-to-back vacation playlists, the pressure has been mounting to pull myself together and release my own take on the best songs for summer 2015. Unlike my previous playlists for January, February, March and April, you won’t need to set aside 10,000 hours to finish listening to this collection! There are just 14 tracks, clocking in at just under 45 minutes with no annoying throwbacks. A full track-list can be viewed here, and if the embed code below doesn’t work, you can try heading over to this little link to give it a spin.

I was going to set aside 10,000 hours to explain each of these selections and discuss my bizarre obsession with Sam Hunt’s “Take My Time” and Omi’s “Cheerleader” – as well as my bizarre aversion to the Samantha J remix of the latter song – but, ugh, why would you want to read my words when you could be on a beach flipping through a trashy romance novel or something? Put your headphones on and enjoy the rest of your summer! You deserve it.

The Best Of April 2015


In the interest of looking on the bright side, let’s just say that April has been a month of new beginnings. It started off with the simplest, most superficial thing like leaving my mustache behind in March for a fresh new start on my face… And then, without any warning, I found myself pushed off the plank into a circling pit of crocodiles known as the “job market”. Six years of my professional life dissolved into absolutely nothing right before my eyes, and once I managed to get past the point of staring at ceilings with an overwhelming sense of numbness, my brain entered the next phase in which I found myself so excited (yet so scared) by the overwhelming range of possibilities the future had to offer.

As usual, if you listen closely enough, you might be able to hear those feelings echoed during certain points within my latest playlist “Best of April 2015: How Will You Make It“. It follows a similar structure to my January, February and March editions—three to four new(ish) songs leading into a flashback, with that pattern repeated over and over again as needed. Should you happen to be the type of person who wants to know what they’re getting into before hitting the play button, you can view the full tracklist here.

The title of is, of course, a reference to Outkast’s 1994 Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik single “Git Up, Git Out“, which perhaps provides the most obvious parallel to the circumstances that inspired this playlist (or at the very least, more of an obvious parallel than Hilary Duff’s latest offering “Sparks“, a track so punchy and addictive that I won’t even insult its dignity by referring to it as a mere guilty pleasure).

And, uh, that’s all folks! If you need me, I’ll be waiting around somewhere for the metaphorical May flowers that all these metaphorical April showers are supposed to bring upon us. Please pray to the Supreme Goddess Angela Lansbury that some good news falls into my lap ASAP, or else I might get stir-crazy and make more listicles about #DogsThatDrive.


The Best Of March 2015


With every year that passes, it seems like March forgets that it’s supposed to go out like a lamb. Although the past month managed to sprinkle in a few highs amidst the lows—such as the dancing biscuit in this ridiculous music video—my creative endeavors, in particular, were tarnished by this overwhelming sense of stagnation and hopelessness. The optimism brought on with the new year faded away at an alarming rate, and I really needed that frickin’ lamb to burst out from the clouds, wave its hoof around and tell me to “Get my life right!” in an adorably sassy lamb voice.

So, yeah, you can blame that stupid lamb for the delayed delivery of my latest monthly playlist! All two and a half of you who actually bother reading this blog can listen to the “Best of March 2015: I Would Like To Get To Know” on Spotify. (Meanwhile, I’ll be curled up in the fetal position, worried that TIDAL will take over the world just moments after I hit the “publish” button on this post, rendering this playlist more irrelevant than it already was in the first place.)

The title of this set is, of course, a reference to the opening line of Brandy’s 1994 R&B hit “I Wanna Be Down“, a song which appears twice on the playlist—once as a sample on Le Youth’s “R E A L” and another time in its original form, acting as a reprise much later. While Charlie Belle’s “Get To Know” offers a bit of a lyrical overlap, the theme pretty much disintegrates beyond that point. This is basically just a collection of music I happened to like within this given time period, organized in a sequence that may or may not be pleasant for your eardrums.

And, yes, the cover art does inexplicably feature Chloë Grace-Moretz shouting with blank white spaces replacing her eyes, as she’s smothered by the lyrics to Céline Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now“. It’s a pretty accurate visual representation of how I felt when that stupid lamb didn’t show up on time.