eric & magill

Eric & Magill - All Those I Know
Eric & Magill - I Hear Trumpets

Bandcamp’s recent decision to stop offering free downloads in perpetuity for their hosted artists was a huge letdown and will probably be an end to the site. Saving pennies of bandwidth, given their claim that 95% of artists never even receive 500 downloads, has led to a poor user experience (it takes four clicks to find out that a file isn’t available) and a lot of artist disgruntlement from those I’ve spoken to about this. The common assault on criticism from bandcamp seems to be “if you’re music’s so good, why aren’t you making (us) money off of it?” Here’s a great, great album from a band who aren’t trying to make a dime. Eric & Magill are easily lumped in with other Midwestern indie folks, but they shine amongst some pretty notable peers.

christian hansen & the autistics

Christian Hansen & the Autistics - Leave Her Out
Christian Hansen & the Autistics - Normal People

Christian Hansen & the Autistics are a bit of a surprise to me. Their art-rock-with-disco-beats thing seems at once melodramatically sincere and less than serious. Their album as a whole is somewhat hit and miss, but the highs are decidedly high. There’s enough there that I’m left hanging, wanting more, and maybe that’s more telling than my initial impressions.

nazcarnation: i never want to go back there.

NazcarNation - Beeswax
NazcarNation - Destiny Intro

Triangles in their band logo? Check. Total hipster photos? Check. Ironic “press quotes”? Check.

So why do I like NazcarNation so much?

I have no idea, but I do. And I kind of hate myself for it.