yann tiersen

Yann Tiersen - Fuck Me

Is it possible for your ears to do a double take? Because I had to think twice when I first heard Yann Tiersen‘s “Fuck Me”. The song serves as the closing act on the French composer’s sixth album Dust Lane, and it’s unlike anything else on the entire project. Of course, that may not mean much to you, because the whole album is incredibly different from Tiersen’s most notable output.

Between all eight tracks on Dust Lane, “Fuck Me” comes closest to capturing the lightness and innocence of the Amélie soundtrack. This may seem counterintuitive, but the rest of the album explores much darker themes than Tiersen’s previous work. It’s “preoccupied with mortality”, influenced by the musician’s loss of both his mother and a close friend during the recording process.

But you can read more about that on his website. The point here is that “Fuck Me” is fucking beautiful. It’s one of the few songs in the set which celebrates life, as our narrators realize, “Hey, life is short! We’re going to die one day. Why don’t we share our bodies with one another and experience extreme and utter bliss, even if it’s just for a moment?” Despite the slightly depressing idea of death looming over our shoulders, I think that’s a sentiment we can all agree on…


Oldfish - Movement
Oldfish - Radio

There’s a Korean Whitest Boy Alive?

That was the first thing that came to mind on hearing Oldfish, about whom I can find very little info. I’m criminally late on these songs, which came out in 2008, but I’d rather be late than never have posted them.

This ancient post from Dramabeans has more than I could ever contribute to the discussion, so I’ll just leave it to them.


Babyjaws - Cold Nights
Babyjaws - Nothings Gonna Last

I sat on this album for a long, long time because, just from listening to the music, I was almost certain that Babyjaws were a huge, huge band that I just hadn’t heard of. It was the gradual understanding that they’re not all that well known that led to this post. “Cold Nights” is iconic stuff, a song that at once sounds really familiar and excitingly new. The b-side on this post was included for two reasons: A.) Its really, really good, and B.) It sounds nothing like “Cold Nights.” I’m hard pressed to classify Babyjaws other than one of the best pop bands you’ve never heard, but I’m loathe to do more than that. I understand their album’s for sale on their website. I recommend you buy it.