sunday – side b

Jonas Reinhardt - The Tactile Dome
Phe_ - Green Minor (Wisp Edit)
she - Make Me Real
Conquering Animal Sound - Wasp
Ian Boddy - Karina
Jon Hopkins - Monsters Theme
Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Prelucid
David Newlyn - Fifteen Going By

And here is side B for this week, the product of a relaxing Sunday watching a light rain drizzle down.

saturday – side a

Napolian - Hoobangin '96 (Blue Wrangler Sport)
Camille Richard - 2001
Henrik José - Photo Album
Stubborn Heart - Need Someone
Proviant Audio - Hey Lets Do It!
Yomoya - Kitaineiro (I Am Robot And Proud Remix)
Glowbug - To Buy A Knife
Jeffrey Jerusalem - This Week
A Taught Line & Hong Kong In The 60s - Unwoken

Trying something new to help get back in the posting rhythm. Every Saturday and Sunday, a side of one of my weekly mixtapes that I make for personal listening. It’ll also be a good outlet for tracks that I want to post but don’t necessarily have two paragraphs to say about.

laboratory noise

Laboratory Noise - Lost In Battles
Laboratory Noise - Tesla

Although their press blurbs read like a horrifically generic gaze-lite act, Laboratory Noise caught my attention before I waded through all of that. Good thing, too, as their modern take on roads well trod manages to repave things a bit. Okay, so yeah, it sounds like My Bloody Valentine. What’s the harm in that? 2011 sounds more and more like 1991 as time goes on and I’m still engaged.