oh no! oh my! b-sides.

OH NO! OH MY! was featured on the first mixtape this blog had to offer, and if you were a reader of Totesumbrellas…you may have heard their name more than once since last November when I read about them on Gorilla vs. Bear. If you keep up with the rest of the blogosphere, you’ve probably heard their name a million times. And if you read the Pitchfork review…Let me tell you that these boys deserve a lot more than a 7.4. Their self-released, self-titled album is absolutely fabulous— full of catchy “la-la, doo-doo, ba-da-ba” choruses and songs to clap your hands to. If you don’t have it by now, buy it immediately.

And have you heard the b-sides? They’re certainly a lot sillier than the light-hearted folk-pop songs on their album. Might I direct you to the comments section where you will learn that the drummer Joel wrote the majority of these songs. You can check out more of his music here.

  • DOWNLOAD: OH NO! OH MY!- I Guess I’m Floating (in KY): Okay, I can’t say I’m not jealous of Nathaniel at I Guess I’m Floating! Not only has the man been getting sent every single Oh No! Oh My! b-side in the blogosphere (or in this post for that matter)…BUT he also got a song written about him! And it’s a DAMN good song too! Head over here to read the lyrics. It may only be 1:24 minutes, but I am still jealous. I guess they can’t write a song about every blogger who interviewed them…OR CAN THEY!?!
  • DOWNLOAD: OH NO! OH MY!- BBQ: While you’re grilling those (veggie) burgers, you might catch yourself singing this song.
  • DOWNLOAD: OH NO! OH MY!- I Am Not a Monster: This is a simple, dancey track with pretty ridiculous lyrics which randomly involve a child molester. This is a good track for those who can’t get enough of the high energy of “I Love You All The Time”.

  • DOWNLOAD: OH NO! OH MY!- Long Island: This song is about the TV show Lost, which I unfortunately know nothing about. The lyrics are hilarious, and I bet they’d be even funnier if I knew what he was talking about.

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jesse dangerously: i ain’t no halifax girl.

Jesse Dangerouslys music and I discovered one another by sheer coincidence. Some might call it destiny. While browsing the Rappers Delight Club page on the space, I happened to glance at a comment left by Jesse’s girlfriend stating, “My boyfriend is a rapper in Halifax and he has played you guys on the radio a few times.” My curiosity got the best of me (considering I have friends hiking in Nova Scotia as we speak), so I decided to check out her man’s page.

WHOA! This guy actually had some amazing beats…and his flow ain’t too shabby either. Upon first listening of Jesse Dangerously, I wanted to describe him as “the product of Jurassic 5 and The Fresh Prince having a baby together”. Later, I realized that this made no sense because no vaginas are included in the equation. It’s a fact that you need a vagina to have a baby…Don’t believe what you saw in Junior.

In any case, I wasn’t that far off. Mr. Dangerously is heavily influenced by The Fresh Prince and the hip-hop era between 1988-1994. In Halifax, he’s kind of a big deal on the hip-hop scene. Maybe my friends will run into him at the liquor dome.


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summer(?) album preview: paris.

PARIS HILTON hasn’t confirmed a release date for her long-due debut album, on which she will attempt to prove to us that she has enough talent to be as famous as she is. Because, well…unfortunately House of Wax and a guest spot on Veronica Mars really don’t prove much at all.

With her sex tape and side-kick hacking fiasco left in the past, Ms. Hilton is diving straight into the music industry. Word is that the video for her upcoming single “Stars are Blind” has just finished filming, and the song is set to hit radios this month, so…um…get ready for that.

And I am the man to get you ready for that day! I certainly couldn’t let you be the kid who DOESN’T know every word of the song by the time it hits the airwaves. Honestly, can you think of a better way to creep out your friends this summer? I think not! Let’s get this shit on your iPod ASAP. Memorize! Memorize! “If you show me real love, I’ll show you miiiine”


Despite rumors of several other names, the album will go by the simple title of…Paris. With production credits ranging from Jane Wiedlin to Scott Storch, it will consist of a blend of pop, rock, hip-hop, and “reggae”. The album features unlikely guest appearances by both Fat Joe & Jadakiss. Clearly, as my friends Nisha & Crystal pointed out…money can buy you anything. Including a rapper’s street cred.