summer album preview: impeach my bush.

PEACHES has taught you well. But seriously…are all you motherfuckers ready for the Fatherfucker? No? Well, maybe you’re ready for Impeach My Bush, the third album by the queen of obscene, sucky-sucking, genderfucking electroclash.

Impeach My Bush finds Peaches out of her element in…an actual studio. But have no fear! The vocals have been treated in such a way to make them sound like they were recorded in a small, shitty room. There’s still that gritty Peaches sound, but with a touch of smoothness. And she hasn’t lost her edge either. With songs like “Slippery Dick”, “Tent in Your Pants”, and “Fuck or Kill”, you know this is the same lady who once urged you to fuck the pain away. How can you not love an album that contains the lyric, “I’d rather fuck who I want than kill who I have to”?

Strangely, the biggest surprise of the album is a a special guest appearance by Ms. Leslie Feist, Peaches’ former roommate. WHAT??? As a friend pointed out, “That’s like Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones but less musical”. The duo collaborate on the song “Downtown”, an incredibly mellow song for Ms. Nisker. I’m not going to lie…the song is almost sexy enough that even I’d let Peaches show me “her thing”.


To make up for the faulty link to “Do Ya”, may I recommend that you head over to Pardon My Freedom to d/l two other new tracks from Impeach My Bush? I’ll replace the “Do Ya” link as soon as I get my computer up and running back in NJ.

PRE-ORDER Impeach My Bush, to be released on July 11th

boy crisis: let’s get blogtastic.

Boy Crisis is old news in some communities at Wesleyan University, but as far as I know…they have yet to make their blogosphere debut. They claim that they sound like, “a computer having sex with a beautiful bird or something like that”…but I’d have to say that they sound more like a bunch of boys who make delightfully energetic, silly dance music that you can’t take serious at all…literally. You really can’t.

Maybe it’s the ridiculous music video for the silly song “Let’s Get Fantastic” or exciting, interactive music video for “The Feelings are Real” (which allows you to make a hot dog float in outer space) both created by Jordan Fish of Teen Homicide / Channel 1o2 fame? Maybe it’s all in the music? Maybe it’s the baby monkey photo or album release date of 3006 listed on their page? Either way, there’s a certain humor of Boy Crisis that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Boy Crisis is certainly an acquired taste for some, an immediate favorite for others. Upon first listen to Boy Crisis, I decided that the music was far too repetitive and annoying. The following day, I found myself tapping my foot and singing the song in my head. It was as if they had some 24 hour subliminal hypnotism on their myspace page. It was the sort of hunger you have for a song when you can’t get it out of your head until you hear it again. And I was stuck at work…with no speakers. The need for the song began consuming me. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right. It felt so…real. I just want to…feel…real.

DOWNLOAD: BOY CRISIS– The Feelings Are Real

TRIVIA: Boy Crisis member Alex Kestner created the song for video-director Jordan Fish’s pilot Teen Homicide. Boy Crisis member Victor Vazquez appeared later in the series as a man in a penguin suit carrying a knife. Boy Crisis member Tal Rozen never appeared in Teen Homicide, but he made some paintings once or twice.

pdl: we all play happy, so let’s all play "happiness", ok?

PdL does not stand for Punch-drunk Love. If you asked him what he stood for he’d tell you what he does not stand for—hate crimes…and the Pledge of Allegiance. If you were cool, you’d know that PdL stands for Perfidy de Licious, one half of the awesomely under-rated hip-hop duo The Mirror Boiyz (which I am totally unbiased about…of course). But you might not be cool…and that’s why I’m here to help, because I’m SUCH a good friend.

On the proposed day of the world’s end, PdL was featured on the lovely musical haven known as Fluxblog and everyone rejoiced in the sounds of “Happiness”…which goes to show you that one man can do a lot with a kazoo and a heart of gold. You can call it a summer jam or you can call it the jam of your life, but there’s much more complexity existing beyond the sweet organ chords and catchy verse. Join me as I share the story…behind the music.

In spring of 2006, PdL was busy doing research for an ethnomusicology class at Wesleyan University. The final product of his readings and internet browsing was a song entitled “Shake that Bomb!” and a paper too, but that’s not important. While developing “Shake that Bomb!”, PdL came across samples of phone calls made on 9/11. He wanted to work the phone calls into the song by transforming samples from them into bass drums and snare drums. Once this was done, he liked the beat so much that he decided to use it for “Happiness”. Are you offended? Are you appalled? Or are you still drawn in by the hypnotic glow the song offers? I vote the latter.

If “Happiness” becomes your jam of the summer, “Ambivalence” could easily become your token break-up jam…if you need one that is. The lyrics are quite simple, but the delivery captures the confusion you are left with at the end of a relationship. Pretending to be okay. Hating your ex. Reluctance to let go. These are among the themes hidden behind the electronic layers of de-Liciousness. Things we all go through and get over within a week or two once we recognize we can do much better. The song makes a blatant reference to the gay cowboy breakthrough film, Brokeback Mountain, but not in an annoying kind of way. It’s nice to see that Mr. Licious hasn’t forgotten his roots as an experimental gay rapper, taking the Notorious B.I.G.’s vocals and, um, making the late king of East Coast hip-hop sound like he’s talking about gay sex. You read that right.

And how ’bout that bass line? It makes me feel like I’m back in church singing hymns in the choir. If you’re not a disciple of PdL by the time those 3 minutes and 1 second pass, then we need to have a talk about what YOU stand for.

DOWNLOAD: PdL– Happiness
DOWNLOAD: PdL– Ambivalence

No album release date is set, but I will certainly keep you posted…by, er, posting.