old gold

Old Gold - The Candle Still Burns

There isn’t time to get yourself situated before “The Candle Still Burns” kicks in. From the very first moment, this track slaps you in the face and says, “Yo, I’m here, bitch!” Initially, it comes off as a bit jarring, but by the third listen or so you’ll just want to keep restarting the track. Just to recapture that immediate rush.

In regards to sound, Old Gold seems to have dived deeper into the 1980s. He’s touched upon the territory on his D.O.G. EP and previous singles, but his latest work could easily appear in a montage full of leg warmers and neon-colored head bands. Three words: Work. It. Out.


CocknBullKid - Hold On To Your Misery (Lissvik Remix Version One)
CocknBullKid - Hold On To Your Misery (Sunship Remix)

Winter sucks. There’s no way of getting around it, so you might as well just bash your head on your desk and embrace your self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder. Don’t be that person who tries to put on a happy face amongst the wind chill and icy sidewalks. Other people hate that cheery motherfucker.

Instead, you should take the advice of CocknBullKid‘s “Hold On To Your Misery”. A little cynicism will do you good. Because, before you know it, there will be that one day when everything stops sucking. The sun will shine. You won’t need seventeen layers of clothing to step outside. And you’ll suddenly be dancing with several miniature (not to mention, extremely adorable) versions of yourself.

Speaking of which, have you seen the music video for “Hold On To Your Misery”? It’s literally the cutest thing ever. Like, no matter how hard you try to hold onto your insecurities and neuroses, the jubilant choreography and cheetah-licious outfits will put a smile on your face. Or maybe it’s just the whimsical bounce of the song’s arrangement? It’s impossible to say.

Of the handful of “Misery” remixes floating around, Lissvik‘s first attempt is the only one to fully capture the carefree spirit of the original. While it’s nowhere near as good, this is all we have to work with until the single’s officially released over here on March 11… Wait, seriously? We can’t even buy this song if we wanted to? Now that‘s something to get depressed about.

exclusive premiere: garçon garçon

UPDATE: The song is now available for download on iTunes. Make sure to grab it and leave a nice review!

After gushing over the early demos for “Take Me Out” and “Maybe Tonight”, it brings us great pleasure to host the official online premiere of Garçon Garçon‘s epic debut single. “Stay In Touch” acts as a natural and entirely appropriate extension to the ’80s-fueled electro vibe of the first two demos. Not so surprisingly, it will act as the lead offering from their forthcoming project EP.

To understand the full awesomeness of “Stay In Touch”, you need to dig beyond the euphoric energy of the synth-pop instrumental. Yes, it’s undeniable. This track will make you shake your ass on the dance floor. But once you really pay attention to the lyrics, it has potential to break you down into tears.

Consider this a direct response to the slutwave epidemic — music that has a lot of feelings. And it’s all delivered to your headphones by cute Australian boys with beards. Can it get any better than this? In under five minutes, Nick and Nathan touch upon the worst aspects of a relationship’s end. The breaking point when you know it’s over. The difficulty of actually making the step to call it quits. Then there’s the icing on this cake. A cake made of sorrow and heartbreak.

As he’s walking away, you plea with him, “Can we stay in touch?” You say it with the utmost sincerity, because you honestly can’t imagine your life without him. Yet no matter how many times he agrees to transition into a platonic friendship, you still have your uncertainty and doubts. What if this is truly the last time you speak to one another? How will you handle bumping into him in public, especially if he’s arm-in-arm with a new love interest? Are you making the right decision?

Yes. That’s the bottom line. The only way to answer that last question. As hard as it is to let go, there’s still this incredibly positive sensation of freedom. It outweighs all of the aforementioned issues, and you just move on to a new chapter in your life. A chapter made of happiness, completely devoted to your own well-being and sanity…

Suffice it to say, this song is fucking beautiful. And we get the sense this is only the tip of the iceberg for Garçon Garçon. Due to a processing error, the track was accidentally made available a week prior to the official release, and it’s already getting play in a handful of European clubs. Plus, thanks to the internet hype, the boys will be embarking on a series of international gigs in June, which will occur shortly after a string of dates in Australia to promote the single.

Alas, we think we’ve said enough about these two and their latest jam. If you’d like to keep up on all their latest updates, why don’t you “Stay In Touch” via Facebook?