best youth

Best Youth - Honey Trap
Best Youth - Wait For Me

I’ve only spotted two other posts about Best Youth, and both prominently featured  “Hang Out”, my least favorite track from the Portuguese duo’s Winterlies EP. Granted, Best Youth are still one of my favorite acts to emerge in 2011, and “Hang Out” is a legitimately good song. However, it doesn’t even come close to defining the band’s sound.

Basically, they are The Cardigans. Though it took me a while to realize this, it wasn’t too long after that the puzzle pieces came together. I’m a diehard Cardigans fan. It makes perfect sense that I’m falling hard for Best Youth!

The lead singer’s vocals are so remarkably similar to The Cardigans’ Nina Persson that there were a few occasions where I had to wonder if Best Youth were some Milli Vanilli lip-synch act for Persson’s lost work. This isn’t a bad thing. This isn’t a bad thing at all.

it’s been a long time

This is probably the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken from It’s The Money Shot. If not, it sure as hell feels like it. Truthfully, there hasn’t been a single week since my last post where I haven’t thought to myself, “Gee, I should really get back to writing about music. Or writing about the feelings I feel when I listen to music, because I never quite felt like someone who writes about music. I just have a lot of feelings.” I’d hold onto that thought for a few minutes. Hold onto it tightly! And then I’d get distracted by something shiny.

Alas, this pattern has gone on for too long, and it’s come to the point where I need to tell those shiny things, “You’re not that interesting! You are just shiny! I love music, and you can’t stop me from writing about it, even if I have literally no clue what I’m talking about.”

But things have to be different this time around. As some of you are aware, I’ve often included doodles in my posts here—some inspired by the songs at hand, others haphazardly paired with a random artist of my choice. This method led to a decidedly artistic spinoff project known as “The Twist”, in which I made drawings based on classic rock, pop and R&B tracks. It was trucking along nicely, and then…

I got overwhelmed. I got discouraged. I got, well, I’m not really sure what I got, but it didn’t bode well for any non-professional projects in my life. Moving forward, I need to commit myself to both It’s The Money Shot and “The Twist”, without either distracting from the other. So what am I trying to say? No more doodles, for now. This blog is returning to its roots of the music, the feelings, the music, the feelings, the music, the feelings and the blah-zay-blah-di-dah.

Are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY?

Guys? Er, guys? Gals? Other folks who don’t conform to either gender? This is the part where you’re supposed to shout back into my face, “I’M READY!!”

Tomorrow kicks off with a series of posts, highlighting bands I enjoy who didn’t receive anywhere near enough attention in 2011. Oh, and in the very near future, there’ll be an exclusive premiere that will knock your socks off. Seriously! You should head to the stores and take advantage of those post-Black Friday deals, because you’re going to need some extra pairs of socks.

pardon the mess.

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