the eversons

The Eversons - Creepy
The Eversons - Hyacinth Girl

File this under “Bands I Should Have Written About In 2011 If I Weren’t Such A Lazy Butt-Face”. The Eversons are a lovely foursome based in Wellington equipped with guitars and a healthy dose of humor. Their debut EP—which is available for free or a million dollars depending on how much you like it—came out back in April, when I was too busy working on this to hoot and shout about it.

The Eversons can best be described as what you’d get if Pavement went to a beach party like this, and made out with an anthropomorphic embodiment of 1960s girl-group melodies. They’re unapologetically silly with a sprinkling of darkness, and their songs often employ a call-and-response pattern between the lead singer and his bandmates. I find this especially charming.

The latter method was utilized best on the EP’s final track “Creepy”, in which we find our narrator sharing his intense love for a special woman in his life. Though his desperate pleas for romance initially sound innocent and sweet, his friends insist that he’s acting, well, kind of creepy.

It all comes to a head with the following declaration: “Girl, I wouldn’t fancy life without you by side. I think I’d stab myself with a pencil” To which the chorus of bro-dudes responds: “My God! Did you hear what he just said? Don’t let him near your bed. He must have been abused as a child.” This begs the question, is he actually creepy or just unapologetically “crazy about her”? You be the judge.

FUN FACT: The Eversons’ lineup includes Mark Turner of electro-pop duo Little Pictures. They’re pretty much It’s The Money Shot royalty.

perfume / spice

Perfume - Spice
Spice - Fun (featuring Missy Elliot)

A song called “Spice”, and a song by an artist called Spice. It’s a strange coincidence that two of my favorite pop jams of 2011 share this common theme of spiciness, considering I’m probably one of the least spicy people on the planet. Nevertheless, that’s just the way things worked out!

As someone who’s not familiar with the J-pop scene, the production on Perfume‘s “Spice” sounds thoroughly bonkers. It’s unlike anything you’d hear on mainstream US radio stations, more akin to the current crop of “indie” electro-pop. Imagine if Passion Pit, or more recent bands who’ve occasionally been known to rip off of Passion Pit (ex: Foster The People, The Naked and Famous), were given their own girl group to work with. That’s what “Spice” would sound like! Or, more likely, that equation would just result in something like this or this, which makes producer Yasutaka Nakata‘s work all the more impressive. Long story short? This is brilliant.

Meanwhile, Spice‘s “Fun” could easily be dismissed as a less-than-revolutionary, mindless booty jam. To which I ask, is that necessarily a bad thing? This is, without doubt, the most exciting thing Missy Elliot‘s done since Trina‘s “I Got A Bottle”, even if it leaves something to be desired in the lyrical department. These may all come off as back-handed compliments, but I cannot stress how much “Fun” makes me want to dance like this. Seriously! You should check your pulse if you don’t want to break it down whilst listening to this song. You are probably dead.

Now that I’ve implied anyone who doesn’t enjoy Spice is a walking zombie, I encourage you all to click through and watch the music videos for these two songs:

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Cheerleader - New Daze
Cheerleader - Dreamer

One could say I’m only writing about Cheerleader in order to post this awesome still of Solange Knowles, delivering a breakthrough performance in the 2006 direct-to-DVD masterpiece Bring It On: All or Nothing. One might be correct about this, if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been looping the band’s two tracks over and over again for the past few months.

Here’s how the story goes! The Hartford-based duo came to my attention back in July, thanks to my recently-deemed #InternetBroDude4Life Jonathan Kochis. Since then, they’ve provided the perfect soundtrack for my early-morning cubicle routine, calming my nerves and preparing me for the day ahead with the sweet aural sensations of “Dreamer” and “New Daze”.

Musically, Cheerleader has been described as “somewhere between new wave and chillwave”. Considering this doesn’t make the least bit of sense to me, I’m going to attempt to describe the band for you with a few key buzz words. Dreamlike! Surfing! Fun!

If that description didn’t win you over, please head over here for a visual representation of how “New Daze” makes me feel inside. It’s incredibly accurate.
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