heart-sick groans

Heart-Sick Groans - If The Canary Stops Singing

When I tweeted Heart-Sick Groans that I couldn’t wait to hear their new single, I didn’t think they’d take me literally. The song, like magic, found its way into my inbox within the next ten minutes. It was almost as if they were legitimately worried they’d be held liable, were I to have died from a startling and outright debilitating case of impatience.

This is why I love Heart-Sick Groans. Despite their bragging rights as “one of indie-pop’s best kept secrets”, they still take time to cater to their fans. This is why you should become a fan, so they can cater to you! I promise it’ll be worth it. If you don’t believe me, take a listen above to the Swedish indie-pop trio’s latest offering “If The Canary Stops Singing”. Here’s what they had to say about the tune:

“This song’s been in the song machine for a long time, the lads started working on it in the fall of 2009, then the boys scrapped it for a bit, then the men had Marcus Brännström come in to add some guitars to the chorus, then the gang realized this too’s A SMASH HIT WONDER with epic overtones and heart-tearing undertones. Now it is also in your ears!”

Epic overtones! Heart-tearing undertones! Let me translate for you, in case you don’t understand the language of AWESOME. “If The Canary Stop Singing” is the best song of 2012, and Heart-Sick Groans is your new favorite band. I’m glad I could clear that up for you.

Click through (or look below) to watch the brilliant video for “A Bossanova With This Cassanova”. Like what you hear? You can also download one of my fave tracks “With Samantha At The Carwash” here.
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sick friend: “cottages”

Sick Friend - Cottages

Think Matt & Kim without all the cutesy bullshit. That’s what you’ll be getting on Sick Friend‘s “Cottages”, the opening track from their debut album The Draft Dodger. Take a listen above.

If you like it, download it and cherish it deeply for all of time! If you love it, maybe you should marry it… Or pick up Sick Friend’s debut album The Draft Dodger when it drops on February 14. The choice is up to you, my friends! Let’s just hope, for your sake, that person-to-song marriage is legalized in the near future.

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annie williams: midnight window

Annie Williams - Nevermind

Midnight Window came out back in November, as a double release with Annie Williams‘ other EP This Mountain. It’s taken me this long to write about it, because I am a terrible person. Just kidding! I was moving into a new house and stuff and… Also, um, I sort of forgot about it?

Oh no! That was a harsh way of putting it. Let’s just say, it took a while for the music to find me…

Picture it. Beverly, MA. December 2011. I’m rushing to the train on a particularly chilly day, shivering with every damn footstep, and then a song called “Cold” pops up on my iPod. I stop dead in my tracks. There was something about this singer’s voice that spoke to my soul. It said, “Hey soul, what’s up!?!? I’m going to speak to you right now.”

It’s always nice, in a post-American Idol world, to come across a vocalist who doesn’t need to belt/wail/shout to convey his or her emotions. Williams has remarkable control over her pipes, allowing her to projects a certain vulnerability which truly brings her tracks to life.

“Nevermind” is a personal favorite of mine. It reminds me a bit of Jenny LewisRabbit Furcoat album, with particular nods to the light country stomp of “The Charging Sky”.

If that last sentence made no sense to you, listen above anyways! Then, if you hate it, you can speak to my soul and say, “Hey soul, what’s up!?!? That thing that spoke to you didn’t speak to me. You’re the worst soul ever… J/Kzzz! I’m not trying to be rudeI love you like a love song.”

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