red shoe diaries: ice & snow

Red Shoe Diaries - Ice & Snow

It’s a good thing I looked up “Red Shoe Diaries” before writing about Red Shoe Diaries. I mean, the name seems so cutesy and typically indie! They sound so cutesy and typically indie! There is an owl playing a French horn amongst their promotional art. That alone is so cutesy and typically indie!

Yet, much to my surprise, they’re named after a softcore erotic series starring David Duchovny (which ran on Showtime from 1992-1997). People older than me might remember this? Then again, there’s a pretty good chance I watched one of the episodes during my early teenage sleepovers and giggled at all the lady nipples. Teehee! And then we talked about girls we “liked” and did that lame thing where you say, “Of course I know what it means, but do YOU know what it means?” You know that thing.

Speaking of things, Red Shoe Diaries has nothing to do with lady nipples. They’re what I’d call “easy listening indie”. Without raising any eyebrows, you could cram onto a playlist with The Lucksmiths, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart or peppier tracks by The Decemberists.

You could listen to them whilst napping on the train. You could listen to them whilst reading a book on your couch. You could listen to them whilst sitting in front of your computer, swaying in your desk chair. You could listen to them whilst eating green eggs and ham.

You could listen to them. So you should listen to them.

Their excellent EP When I Find My Heart… is currently available from Fika Recordings. The single for “Ice & Snow” won’t be available until February 27th, but you can pre-order it now if you’re obsessed with the band and you want to own everything they’ve ever recorded and maybe wear their skin (just maybe).

charli xcx: i’ll never know

Charli xcx - I'll Never Know
Charli xcx - Nuclear Seasons

I couldn’t find the words to express my love for Charli xcx‘s new track “I’ll Never Know”, so I thought I’d let my friend Sir Hops McGee express my feelings through movement. Everything about this makes me happy. Everything! Thank heavens for the Presidents’ Day holiday, because if I had heard this for the first time at work… They would have fired me for excessive chair-dancing.

oilhead: big queer rock show

Oilhead - I'm Crazy, Deal With It

Oilhead is the second of four bands participating in this March’s BIG QUEER ROCK SHOW benefit for BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth). The show will be going down at T.T. The Bear’s, and tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. You should go! I’ll be there! We can stand next to one another awkwardly and pretend that we know how to “rock”.

Oh, and don’t try to give me some lame excuse that you’re “too far” to make it to the show! Hop on a plane. Plan a road trip. Teleport to the venue… Or, more realistically, take all that money you were going to put toward developing a teleportation device and make a donation to BAGLY. One dollar would work. A million dollars would work too. Three billion dollars would work even better. No pressure though!

Now, shall we get back to talking about the music?

I’m very excited to see Oilhead live, because I have an extreme weakness for female-fronted pop-punk/dance-rock groups. This may come as a surprise to regular followers of this blog (all 1.5 of you in existence), considering the lack of female-fronted pop-punk/dance-rock groups featured within these pages… But it’s absolutely true!

If you haven’t already done so, take a listen to “I’m Crazy, Deal With It” above. Should it become your new favorite song or personal anthem, you can currently pick up a copy of Oilhead’s online sampler at BandCamp through the oh-so-wonderful “name your price” model. Rumor has it that the band’s currently raising funds to record their debut EP. I’ve also heard rumors that the rewards on their Kickstarter page are extremely generous… Of course, I’m not one to gossip, so you didn’t hear it from me.