exclusive premiere: garçon garçon

UPDATE: The song is now available for download on iTunes. Make sure to grab it and leave a nice review!

After gushing over the early demos for “Take Me Out” and “Maybe Tonight”, it brings us great pleasure to host the official online premiere of Garçon Garçon‘s epic debut single. “Stay In Touch” acts as a natural and entirely appropriate extension to the ’80s-fueled electro vibe of the first two demos. Not so surprisingly, it will act as the lead offering from their forthcoming project EP.

To understand the full awesomeness of “Stay In Touch”, you need to dig beyond the euphoric energy of the synth-pop instrumental. Yes, it’s undeniable. This track will make you shake your ass on the dance floor. But once you really pay attention to the lyrics, it has potential to break you down into tears.

Consider this a direct response to the slutwave epidemic — music that has a lot of feelings. And it’s all delivered to your headphones by cute Australian boys with beards. Can it get any better than this? In under five minutes, Nick and Nathan touch upon the worst aspects of a relationship’s end. The breaking point when you know it’s over. The difficulty of actually making the step to call it quits. Then there’s the icing on this cake. A cake made of sorrow and heartbreak.

As he’s walking away, you plea with him, “Can we stay in touch?” You say it with the utmost sincerity, because you honestly can’t imagine your life without him. Yet no matter how many times he agrees to transition into a platonic friendship, you still have your uncertainty and doubts. What if this is truly the last time you speak to one another? How will you handle bumping into him in public, especially if he’s arm-in-arm with a new love interest? Are you making the right decision?

Yes. That’s the bottom line. The only way to answer that last question. As hard as it is to let go, there’s still this incredibly positive sensation of freedom. It outweighs all of the aforementioned issues, and you just move on to a new chapter in your life. A chapter made of happiness, completely devoted to your own well-being and sanity…

Suffice it to say, this song is fucking beautiful. And we get the sense this is only the tip of the iceberg for Garçon Garçon. Due to a processing error, the track was accidentally made available a week prior to the official release, and it’s already getting play in a handful of European clubs. Plus, thanks to the internet hype, the boys will be embarking on a series of international gigs in June, which will occur shortly after a string of dates in Australia to promote the single.

Alas, we think we’ve said enough about these two and their latest jam. If you’d like to keep up on all their latest updates, why don’t you “Stay In Touch” via Facebook?

garçon garçon

Garçon Garçon - Take Me Out (Demo)
Garçon Garçon - Maybe Tonight (Demo)

Nathan Mahon and Nick Tsirimokos are Garçon Garçon. Although you may not have heard of this Australian duo, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll know their names by Summer 2011. That’s when they’re scheduled to drop their debut EP. Which goes by the entirely adorable name of, um, EP

It’s surprising that Mahon and Tsirimokos have only known one another for less than two years, because they make music like they’ve been collaborating for their entire lives. Their tracks are a perfect blend of 1980s synth-pop and current electro jams, performed with a level of sincerity that’s rare in this irony-driven music scene.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot to satisfy one’s cravings for their tunes. Earlier this month, they released a remix of Video Video‘s “Berlin Berlin”, but when it comes to original tracks… You’re just going to have to settle for these early demos of “Take Me Out” and “Maybe Tonight”. Oh, turn that frown upside down! These songs are so good that it’ll be worth the wait.

french horn rebellion

French Horn Rebellion - Last Summer

Ah, French Horn Rebellion! You stormed onto the scene with your debut single “Up All Night”, and I had no idea how to feel about you. Then your debut album The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion finally made its way into the world, and I still have no idea how to feel about you.

At certain times, you’re kind of obnoxious and loud. On other occasions? It sounds like you’re playing dress-up in your grandparents’ attic, making believe that you’re Chromeo. And then there’s that rare occasion when you do something legitimately great. Please direct your attention to the tenth track on your new album, “Last Summer”.

Despite what you may have been told by others, this is the type of music you should be making. It begins as a simple, streamlined pop song, in which the vocalist muses over a season of scraped knees and lost love. Then there’s a surprise at the bottom of the box!

Around the 1:57 mark, the instrumentation takes a drastic turn, and we’re led into an entirely different composition. The change is so reminiscent of The Beatles“A Day In The Life” that it’d be suspicious if you weren’t inspired by them. So this begs the question… If you’re pulling from such outstanding influences, why isn’t the rest of your work this awesome?