16 Songs For Sweaters (2015)

A playlist for Autumn 2015 inspired by sweaters, but maybe not really inspired by sweaters at all.

After reading Bradley Stern’s “State Of The Muunion“, I spent some time contemplating the past, present and future of It’s The Money Shot. Two big questions dangled around in my brain – “Why am I doing this, and um, who am I even doing it for?” Back when this blog launched in late May 2006, those questions were a lot easier to answer. I was a bright-eyed college student with a compulsive need to write about music, and I somehow deluded myself into believing that I had an obligation to share my (supposedly) unique, scattered taste with the world.

These days, I am thirty years old and pretending that I am wiser. It legitimately makes me anxious to look back at my old writing and witness the embarrassing attempts to come off as “cool” or “snarky”. I think back to the ridiculous amount of hours devoted to this blog, and I want to shake my former self, yell at him to step away from the keyboard and go play outside for a moment… And then, like a true hypocrite, I sit down in front of a keyboard for far too long, delivering these entirely unnecessary (and entirely unrelated) reflections as accompaniment for my new autumn playlist “Songs For Sweaters (And The People Wearing Them)“.


Despite the self-deprecating tone of that lovely introduction, the truth is, I’m not quite ready to give up on this blog. The days of exclusive premieres, remix contests and links from Vulture may be behind me, but I no longer have the energy to try and shout “LOOK AT MY HOT FRESH #CONTENT” louder than everyone else on the damn internet. Right now, I’m perfectly okay lounging around in a quiet, dark corner of semi-irrelevance, throwing songs together for whoever the hell is willing to listen to them.

So, uh, here’s a list of some songs you might hear if you hit the play button! Which is a thing you should do, I think.

  1. Boxed In f/ CocknBullKid – “Lo Life”
  2. Torres – “Sprinter”
  3. Charlie Belle – “I Don’t Want To Be Alone”
  4. Baba Sonya – “Hot Air Balloon”
  5. Ashley Monroe – “If The Devil Don’t Want Me”
  6. Varsity – “Amanda”
  7. L√ČON – “Tired of Talking”
  8. The Internet – “Under Control”
  9. Courtney Barnett – “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party”
  10. Etta Bond – “Seen and Never Heard”
  11. Colleen Green – “Some People”
  12. Elohim – “Xanax”
  13. Kelela – “Rewind”
  14. Beach House – “Space Song”
  15. Emily King – “Sleepwalker”
  16. Laura Stevenson – “Torch Song”