14 Songs For Summer (2015)


Now that President Obama has succumbed to popular demand and released two back-to-back vacation playlists, the pressure has been mounting to pull myself together and release my own take on the best songs for summer 2015. Unlike my previous playlists for January, February, March and April, you won’t need to set aside 10,000 hours to finish listening to this collection! There are just 14 tracks, clocking in at just under 45 minutes with no annoying throwbacks. A full track-list can be viewed here, and if the embed code below doesn’t work, you can try heading over to this little link to give it a spin.

I was going to set aside 10,000 hours to explain each of these selections and discuss my bizarre obsession with Sam Hunt’s “Take My Time” and Omi’s “Cheerleader” – as well as my bizarre aversion to the Samantha J remix of the latter song – but, ugh, why would you want to read my words when you could be on a beach flipping through a trashy romance novel or something? Put your headphones on and enjoy the rest of your summer! You deserve it.