The Best Of April 2015


In the interest of looking on the bright side, let’s just say that April has been a month of new beginnings. It started off with the simplest, most superficial thing like leaving my mustache behind in March for a fresh new start on my face… And then, without any warning, I found myself pushed off the plank into a circling pit of crocodiles known as the “job market”. Six years of my professional life dissolved into absolutely nothing right before my eyes, and once I managed to get past the point of staring at ceilings with an overwhelming sense of numbness, my brain entered the next phase in which I found myself so excited (yet so scared) by the overwhelming range of possibilities the future had to offer.

As usual, if you listen closely enough, you might be able to hear those feelings echoed during certain points within my latest playlist “Best of April 2015: How Will You Make It“. It follows a similar structure to my January, February and March editions—three to four new(ish) songs leading into a flashback, with that pattern repeated over and over again as needed. Should you happen to be the type of person who wants to know what they’re getting into before hitting the play button, you can view the full tracklist here.

The title of is, of course, a reference to Outkast’s 1994 Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik single “Git Up, Git Out“, which perhaps provides the most obvious parallel to the circumstances that inspired this playlist (or at the very least, more of an obvious parallel than Hilary Duff’s latest offering “Sparks“, a track so punchy and addictive that I won’t even insult its dignity by referring to it as a mere guilty pleasure).

And, uh, that’s all folks! If you need me, I’ll be waiting around somewhere for the metaphorical May flowers that all these metaphorical April showers are supposed to bring upon us. Please pray to the Supreme Goddess Angela Lansbury that some good news falls into my lap ASAP, or else I might get stir-crazy and make more listicles about #DogsThatDrive.