Winter Is For Blockheads (2015)


The inspiration for Winter Is For Blockheads came from the opening track “Ecor Rouge” (which originally appeared on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench‘s debut solo album You Should Be So Lucky). To me, it felt like a vaguely depressing, slowed-down version of the type of song Schroeder would play in a Charlie Brown holiday special. His fingers would effortlessly dance across the keys of his piano, as each note commanded the gang to stop doing this, take their seats in the auditorium and make room on the stage for some real artists.

One by one, a series of mysterious strangers would emerge from behind the curtains to perform. The mood would remain solemn, yet engaging and remarkably cathartic. Each attendee would sit on the edge of his or her seat in order to truly appreciate the beauty presented before them. The VIP guest list would include Snoopy, Frieda, Linus, Violet, Pig-Pen, Shermy, Sally, 3, 4, that random guy no normal human could identify and, of course, you.

Here is the set list that you would all witness:

  1. Ecor Rouge” – Benmont Tench
  2. Piano Ombre” – François & the Atlas Mountains
  3. Green Jackets” – Catherine Ireton (featuring Go Away Birds)
  4. Lived and Died Alone” – Shamir
  5. Parar a tiempo” – Ximena Sariñana
  6. Churchill” – Samantha Crain
  7. Casino” – The Notwist
  8. Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me” – Blake Mills
  9. May as Well” – Angel Olsen
  10. Ed Reed Jersey” – The Range

During the final song, Shia LaBeouf would appear on stage, gyrating wildly in a nude leotard alongside a hologram of Martha Graham. Major dance critics—none of whom were actually in attendance at the show—would refer to his movement as “intense” and dripping with “raw emotion”. Their reviews would also include a shameless note to head to the gift shop and pick up a memento to remember everything you saw, heard and felt.