full body anchor: big queer rock show

Full Body Anchor - 1 in 150
Full Body Anchor - Offering

Good news! BAGLY picked up a nomination for “Most Loved LGBT Center” in About.com‘s Reader’s Choice Awards. They’re currently in the lead with a whopping seventy-three percent of the votes, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off and not vote for them. Go here. Click a button. With over 30 years of advocating for LGBTQ youth, they deserve this recognition!

And now for some additional good news…

It’s finally time to meet Full Body Anchor, the third of four bands performing at the BIG QUEER ROCK SHOW on March 2nd. Their sound channels the energy of ’90s indie-rock, with a list of influences that includes Shudder to Think, HUM, Archers of Loaf, Deftones and Queens of the Stone Age.

The anthemic chorus of “1 in 150”, however, is reminiscent of older influences, calling to mind the powerful punch of 1970s punk rock like The Ramones or The Sex Pistols. “Offering” reminds me of something too. Something great. Something you want to listen to.

As previously mentioned, you can (and should) catch Full Body Anchor live at the BIG QUEER ROCK SHOW. The show’s happening on March 2nd at T.T. The Bear’s in Cambridge. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door, and you can still make a donation to BAGLY if you can’t be there (which is inexcusable, but less inexcusable if you make a donation).

Enjoy their music, and be sure to head over to their BandCamp page to listen to more of it!