bridget+luke - Rewind
bridget+luke - Something Wicked

I missed the mixtape this weekend because of a couple of hours spent at the emergency vet throwing my entire weekend off. But that’s another story. Let’s talk about bridget+luke instead. An electropop male/female duo in an sea of electropop male/female duos isn’t the greatest way to get my attention, but something about these songs transcends my innate cynicism when it comes to certain adjectives when applied to music. This band shows a pop temerity on par with far more well known acts and I fully expect them to be annoyingly dominating my Sirius/XM station presets before long. For now, however, I’m enjoying how crisp and unaffected this all sounds and implore them, no, plead with them to put something more than this charmingly concise self-titled EP.

In other news, the lovely ladies at An Emotional Reaction posted this sublime track by Gardens & Villa that you should be listening to. I’ve heard a few other songs by this act, but the slow-mo sway of “Orange Blossom” scratches a rather distinct itch, one I’ve had just between my shoulder blades since hearing the sublime Cotton Mouth a year and some change ago. I wish more bands were willing to strut like this, but, for now, I’ll simply enjoy that anyone is at all.