cof cof: don’t turn your back.

Cof Cof - To The Future
Cof Cof - Jungle of Love

Everybody’s favorite Spanish duo is back with a new EP entitled To The Future. Okay, so maybe they’re only my favorite Spanish duo, but who the fuck cares about technicalities like that? They’re adorable, and they love beer. And does anything else matter when it comes to good music?

This time around, Cof Cof has abandoned the breezy, summery vibe of previous EPs Who Said Party? and Safari in favor of a technology-fueled romp. The title track has an oddly Oedipal theme, as female vocalist Ana Anologica tells someone, “If you want to have me, do me like your mother”. Even though it’s not exactly the most original theme in this day and age, it somehow works when it’s coming out of her mouth.

You can download the entirety of the To The Future EP at Cof Cof’s page. If you still can’t get enough of them after that, their entire discography can be acquired there as well.